Masterclass Gilding on Paper, Canvas & Panels

This one-day intensive Gilding Masterclass is designed for artists or art lovers who want to learn how to apply and incorporate gold leaf into their paintings, drawings, and calligraphy on two different surfaces, paper, and canvas.
They will practice various techniques with 22 karat gold, as well as brass, copper and aluminum sheet metal on paper, canvas, or panel.
The different mordants, ancient and contemporary.
How to protect metals that tarnish like brass, silver leaf, and copper leaf.

They will also learn the ancient technique of “Pastiglia”, which consists of making decorative motifs in relief on paper and canvas. And how to make subtle incisions on the already gilded paper.

I will patiently guide you through the intricacies and the proper use of these techniques to embellish your paintings, drawings, and calligraphy.
All levels are welcome, it is not necessary to have previous experience in Gilding.
At the end of the course, you will get a greeting card made by yourself applying the techniques you have learned during this Masterclass.

All materials included. No special tools needed.
You must bring: a pencil, two fine point brushes, one cheap brush for mixing.

From 10:00 am to 4:00 am with a break for lunch and periodic coffee, tea and cookie breaks throughout the day. (Please bring your own lunch).
Date to be announced once we have 4 people to max of 8.

Cost of the course with materials included is $225.00 + GST. Paid prior to starting.

All students are welcome contact me after the course with questions at no cost.


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