Ana truly loves what she does, and takes great pride in her work as a professional. She will always advise the client of the best way to maintain the value and integrity of any piece through the Gilding or Restoring of that piece.  She is always aware that it is the client and their total satisfaction that she is working for and the commission is never finished until the client is totally satisfied.

A Family of Creatives

Ana is a Master Gilder and Restorer of furniture and antiques. In 2010 she married a native born Vancouverite and moved to Vancouver, Canada, where she currently lives and works.

Ana was born in Madrid, Spain, into a family that has, for over 3 generations been making fine furniture. Her sister is an accomplished interior designer in Madrid, her brother is a respected architect and her mother is an accomplished artist in the making of traditional Orthodox Religious Icons, with embossed silver. With this family and background, it was always Ana’s desire to go on to a profession in the arts.

Education, Courses & Designations

Student at Applied Arts and Artistic Professions

Gilding & Polychroming, Honors
Madrid, Spain

Student of Conservation and Restoration of Paintings

On wooden panels, furniture, and wooden frames


Instructor of Gilding Processes
Both Private and at Schools of Art
Spain and Canada

Master Gilder & Restorer

Over 26 years experience
Master of Water Gilding

Career Highlights

Since her graduation in 1986, she has also held five personal exhibitions of her art throughout her career and has participated in various other group exhibitions in Spain and abroad. Her art includes the making and Gilding of traditional Italian Religious Icons, like her mother, oriental themes, on top of her own unique art pieces. Since moving to Vancouver her artistic focus has been on oriental art, specifically the Art of China.

In 2008 she collaborated in the construction of a new alter for Our Lady of the Castle in the Church of Saint Cristobal, in Extremadura, Spain, where she was the Master Gilder in charge of all Gilding.

In 2010, upon her arrival in Vancouver, she was immediately retained to Gild the main alter, two side alters  and alter rails  for Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, in Vancouver.  Ana uses only the best materials for the commission, such as the best gesso and gold leaf (22 karat to 24 karat) and other items used in Restoration and Gilding that she sources from various places in Europe.  She feels that using the finest materials as well as the best technique, is the only way to ensure the best result.


Traditional Water Gilding

Use genuine gold leaf on a wooden board using the ancient techniques used during the Middle Ages

Masterclass Gilding on Paper

Learn how to incorporate gold leaf into paintings, drawings, and calligraphy on both paper and canvas