Introduction to water gilding course

Ana is a master gilder. She studied and graduated with honours from the “Escuela de Artes Aplicadas” in Madrid, Spain in 1986 after which she worked as a restorer and gilder for many years before relocating to Canada. She continues to gild and gives on line and in person classes to individuals and groups. Ana accepts new commissions as well as restorations. To see more of her work, visit her Facebook and Instagram pages.

In this video we meet Ana and see some examples of her work.

See the next video (Nº 2) in the complete tutorial set THE ANCIENT ART OF WATER GILDING, for a full description of tools and materials required to gild and care of the gilding brushes.

We searched the internet and libraries to find full, detailed instructions on how to gild. Nothing we found explained the whole process.

We decided to make our own. In the tutorial videos you will find all the formulas and how to make them; a full description of all tools and materials; full visual demonstration of every step, along with audio description and tips. Transforming a plain wooden board into a professionally gilded piece of art.

The whole tutorial set of 20 videos, guides the student through the entire gilding process, leaving no mysteries or unanswered questions.

Students who would like to learn the Ancient Art of Water Gilding from beginning to end, step by step, can purchase the full set of tutorial videos. Learn water gilding from master gilder Ana Diaz-Drew and become a master gilder yourself.